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“Happy 10th Birthday, Nicole!”

The brown-haired girl was startled out of dreamland by the sudden awakening. Normally, she’d wake up on her own and head into the kitchen where her mother had a cake ready on the table. This however was obviously different.

“WAH! What gives?! Ever hear of knocking??” she exclaimed.

Nicole’s mother laughed. “Sorry about that honey but 10 years old is a big deal! Before you know it, you’ll be out in the Hoenn region with your very own Pokemon! Isn’t that exciting?” she asked.

Nicole yawned. “I guess so…but I just don’t really feel like going out and fighting gym leaders. I want to do something different…something like…like study Pokemon! I’ve had fun going outside and watching how Pokemon do things!”

Nicole’s mother nodded. “I understand what you’re getting at but if you want to become a biologist you have to learn to be a trainer and be ready for anything. That includes having a Pokemon with you for protection,” she said.

Nicole sighed. “But how will I become a trainer? All the other trainers took the last few Pokemon and the next time they’ll be available is next year,” she asked.

The girl’s mother grinned. “That’s why your father came prepared. This Pokeball was given to me by your father. The Pokemon inside was caught by him and since you’re now 10 years old, he thought it’d make a lovely present for you!” she explained, holding out the ping pong sized ball.

Nicole blinked as she was given the ball. “C-can I open it?” she asked, unsure of what to do.

The girl’s mother simply nodded, smiling.

The brown-haired girl took a deep breath, pressed the button on the ball which enlarged it into the size of a baseball, and let the ball drop to the ground.

The lid flew open and in a bright flash of light, the creature inside began to materialize. When the light faded, Nicole found herself looking down at a light-brown foxlike creature with long pointed ears, a cream colored scruff, and fluffy tail with a cream tip. “Eevee?” the Pokemon squeaked, looking right back its new owner.

Nicole was now wide awake and very puzzled. “Uh…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Pokemon like this before. It’s definitely cute but…what is it?” she asked.

“That is an Eevee. Your father says it’s a normal-type and is very uncommon around these parts. As from what I’ve heard, they’re a bit shy but extremely friendly!” Nicole’s mother explained.

Nicole smiled, intrigued by the creature sitting on the floor before her. “An Eevee, huh? Can I give it a nickname?” she asked.

Nicole’s mother nodded. “I recommend girl names.”

The brown-haired girl pondered. “Hmm…Not Fluffy. Too obvious. Maybe cream would work…nah! How about Eve?”

The Eevee beamed upon hearing the last one. “Eve! Eve! Eve!!” it squeaked.

Nicole chuckled. “Ok! Eve it is! Nice to meet you Eve!” she greeted.

Eve happily jumped onto the girl’s bed and began to attack the girl with nuzzles. “Eevee!”

Nicole laughed as the normal-type tickled her with its fluffy coat and tail. “HAHAHA! Ok! Ok Eve! Take it easy!” she requested.

Nicole’s mother laughed as well. “That was quick bond!” she remarked. “I’ll take the cake with me downstairs while you two get to know each other.”

Nicole nodded before turning back to her new friend. “So…Oh! Forgot to introduce myself. My name is Nicole and REAL soon, you and I will be on an adventure together!”

Eve smiled before affectionately nuzzling her new trainer. “Vee!”

Nicole smiled back, pulling the Pokemon into a loving hug. “Aren’t we happy this morning!” she said before setting Eve back on the bed. “I’ve heard of some Pokemon that prefer to stay out of their Pokeball. Are you one of them?” she asked.

Eve nodded. “Eevee.”

Nicole nodded back. “I’ll remember that. Would you prefer to walk with me or ride on my shoulder or in my bag?” she asked.

Eve walked over the girl and jumped onto her shoulder with ease. “Eevee Eev!” she squeaked.

Nicole chuckled. “Shoulder it is then! Now what about training and battling? Are you into that kind of stuff?” she questioned.

Eve shook her head.

Nicole nodded. “That’s fine! I actually hate seeing other Pokemon fight. I prefer to watch and study them. I’m actually thinking about becoming a marine biologist when I grow up! Studying all the wonders of the sea up close, interacting with all sorts of Pokemon, and making new discoveries every day! Sounds like my kind of job,” she said.

Eve beamed with joy and fascination at the thought of being at Nicole’s side as they’d explore the depths of the oceans and encounter many Pokemon. “Eevee!! Eevee!! Vee Vee!” she squealed.

Nicole chuckled. “Looks like I’m not alone! Hey, I think I HAVE heard of an Eevee before! I remember this book I used to read about Pokemon evolution! Turns out that Eevee evolve into different types depending on certain criteria. And Vaporeon is one of those evolutions!” she paused to take a breath. “If you became a Vaporeon, that’d really help me out as a marine biologist, right?” she asked.

Eve smiled and nodded. “Vee!”

Nicole blushed a bit. “Oh…and sorry if I start talking all smart. I tend to do that! Anyways, I think I’m gonna go have some cake. I’m starving!” she said, her feet hitting the floor as she headed out of her room, still in her pajamas.

Eve quickly hopped onto the girl’s shoulder, eager to join her. “Eevee Eev?” she asked in poke-speak.

Nicole nodded, knowing what her Pokemon was trying to say. “Of course you can come! You must be just as hungry as I am, right?” she asked.

Eve nodded back. “Vee!” she squeaked.
Pokemon: Adventures in Hoenn - Ch. 01

Follow the story of a young trainer named Nicole as she and her loyal Eevee set out on a journey across the Hoenn region. Together, they’ll face many challenges, meet many friends, battle evil enemies, and unlock the secrets of Mega Evolution as they discover the true powers within the ancient legendary beast, Kyogre!

I know some people won't believe me or just think this will end like last time but I'm telling the truth. I really mean it. This game is being revived and I will try my hand at the 30 day challenge from BuildBox. First I need to finish senior year. Next I need ALL materials ready. That includes sprites, cutscenes, music, etc. And finally I will be able to atleast create a demo or something. 

Hey I said I'd make a game. I didn't say it'd be a HQ awesome game like slender or angry birds or whatever. 

So I will repeat this again. Sonic Equestria is NOT dead! It's simply on hold until further notice. Plus with my ideas for the upcoming fanfiction sequel, Sonic Equestria 2, this should be interesting.
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