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Flash the Hedgehog ran as fast she could. Away from Dr. Eggman’s burning and crumbling base. Away from her prison. Away from hell. The young cyan hedgehog finally collapsed from exhaustion and broke down into tears. She had just unleashed her newly given electrokinetic powers and destroyed the madman's entire base. She was proud of herself but scared as well. Eggman vowed that he would return for Flash and make her regret her actions. Being so young and emotionally fragile, this scarred the poor girl.

Suddenly her weeping was cut short by the presence of a certain blue hedgehog who had just arrived to see that someone had beaten him to the punch. “What?? Someone else was invited to the party apparently! Who could’ve done that??” he wondered before noticing the sniffling hedgehog and walking over. “Hey. What’s wrong kid? You lost or something?” he asked.

Flash wiped her eyes. “I-I was the one...the one who did that,” she said, pointing towards the smoke and flames in the distance.

Sonic blinked. “...Really? No way,” he disregarded until noticing a red bracelet on each of the girl’s wrists with Eggman’s symbol on it. “Looks like something Eggman made...did you REALLY trash his base??” he asked.

Flash nodded.

Sonic grinned. “That’s WAY past cool!! You should be proud of yourself kiddo! What’s your name anyway? And why aren’t you happy? Trashing Eggman’s base is a good thing!” he exclaimed.

Flash sat up. “M-My name is Flash...Uh...Flash the Hedgehog...Dr. Eggman said that he would come back for me and make me pay for what I did. He was gonna make me his slave but when I got these things, I used them to destroy everything…” she whimpered.

Sonic chuckled. “I wouldn’t worry too much about old Egghead. As long as he won’t give up, neither will I! That loser actually tried to take over my home, South Island, destroying everything and stuffing my friends into robots but did I let that stop me? Heck no! I had one heck of an adventure but it sure was fun! And let me tell you, when you’re the hero, you’re the happiest person ever! Nice to meet you by the way! I’m Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog!”

Flash’s tears were gone and all that was left was a face of realization and inspiration. She may not know anything about the blue hedgehog but now she wanted to be like him. She wanted to be a hero too.

Sonic grinned. “If I had to guess, my awesomeness and heroism rubbed off on ya. To be honest, you actually do look like someone who could save the world! You got any cool abilities?” he asked.

Flash frowned. “N-no…”

Suddenly the devices on the cyan hedgehog’s wrists began to blink faster and faster before letting electricity fly in a huge explosion of sparks.

Sonic was able to react and avoid the sparks just in time. “No powers? Even though they were made by Eggman, they pack quite a punch! I mean look at the ground!” he exclaimed.

The grass around Flash was now black and crispy, reeking of a burning scent. Flash stared at the technological wristbands and frowned. “But if Eggman made them...could he have the power to control them? What if that wasn’t me?” she asked.

Sonic smiled. “As much as I want to stay and help you out, I’ve gotta get going! Eggman stops for no hedgehog after all,” the blue blur said before charging his “Super Peel Out” technique. “Take care of yourself, Flash! Don’t worry about those wristbands too much! Gotta speed, Keed!” and in the blink of an eye, Sonic was long gone.

Flash smiled and waved before following the trail back home.

“WOOHOO!!!” Flash exclaimed as she jumped, dashed, and soared through the treetops of Rika Island. She found herself beginning to fall into a chasm until her new wrist inhibitors began to blink.


The cyan hedgehog was airborne again after using her electrical powers to boost herself up and safely land on the the other side before continuing her trek into the forest. “Not this time!” she said.

Halfway through Plant Paradise Zone, Flash began to notice the animal life change drastically. Huge tarantulas, spiky ladybugs, and birds with lasers in their mouths. Suddenly they all charged at the cyan hedgehog!

Flash gasped and quickly jumped over them, landing on a pig.


The pig exploded, leaving behind a smaller and more adorable version.

“They’re Badniks! Looks like that Eggman guy’s back!” Flash smiled. “Time to give him a shocking surprise,” she said before looking back to the robotic enemies. “Let’s see if any of you are lucky enough to catch me!” Flash taunted.

The Badniks lunged forward, attempting to deal some damage.

Flash began to charge up, her wrist inhibitors shining brightly, then let loose her fury by striking with electrical shots, draining them of their electricity, frying their insides, pulling them close with a magnetic pull to send them flying, and curling up into an electrified ball before spin-dashing into them.

The badniks fell over and exploded, releasing the animals trapped inside.

Flash shook her head and smiled. “Now I know what it’s like to take on a hoard of Badniks. No wonder Sonic’s always having a blast! No pun intended,” she joked to herself before running onward and doing the same to the other Badniks throughout the zone, finally reaching the end and seeing her reward: her friend, Clover the Cat trapped inside a steel capsule.

“You did it, Flash! Now get me out of this thing! I think the air’s getting harder to breathe!” Clover yelled over the thick glass.

Flash nodded. “I’m on it, sis! Just stand back, and just in case, cover your ears,” she warned.

Clover did so and braced herself for possible electrocution.

Flash began to charge up and was about to unleash an electrical blast until she was sent flying.

“Flash! What happened?? Are you alright??” Clover asked.

Flash got to her feet and shook her head. “Ugh...I’m fine!” looking up, the cyan hedgehog gasped. “Eggman!” she exclaimed.

“Who is this Eggman you speak of? My name is Lord Doom but you may soon refer to me as Master!” Standing on a floating saucer-like platform was a large tall man with a pointed nose and rather disturbing red eyes and an elongated pointed head, wearing a black jumpsuit and a grey cape.

“Lord Doom?” Flash and Clover asked

Said man grinned. “You were expecting this Eggman instead? I have heard the tale of his attempt to conquer this dimension and how he failed miserably because of the blue hedgehog. I am the NEW villain here, and unlike that fat bumbling buffoon, I’LL CONQUER THIS WORLD WITHOUT ERROR AND GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS THE GREATEST DICTATOR IN THE UNIVERSE!!! And I’ll start by invading this island, but first, we’ll have to call in pest control to deal with you two! Go Tortank! Blast them to kingdom come!” Lord Doom exclaimed before pressing a button on his wrist device and immediately summoning a large robotic tortoise with a cannon on its back. The platform flew a cackling Lord Doom away.

Flash stepped back in fear. “…” she squeaked.

(Boss: Tortank)

Clover gritted her teeth and looked at her friend. “C’mon Flash! If you can beat the nuts and bolts out of an army of robots, you can take this one down easily!” she encouraged.

Flash shook her head, still worried. “I don’t think I can! Just look at the cannon!” she exclaimed.

Just as she finished, the monstrous mech fired a blast of energy at the cyan hedgehog, barely missing and destroying Clover’s capsule, knocking the cat unconscious.

Flash got to her feet and sighed. “Here goes nothing…” she charged up, curled up into a spin-dash, engulfed herself in electricity and launched herself at the opponent, damaging and paralyzing it’s head.

Flash looked at the results and smiled. “Or maybe I CAN do this!” she reassured herself before charging up again, covering herself with electricity and continuing her attacks.

Suddenly, Tortank was back on its feet and realized what was going on. The cannon whirred to life as it took careful aim and fired a cannon ball bomb at Flash.

She quickly reacted and used a magnet effect to safely pull it to her hand and launch it back at the attacker, exploding on impact. “Yeah! How bout them apples?” she exclaimed before landing.

But Tortank wasn’t finished yet. It readied its cannon once more and changed it’s ammo to fire!

Flash gasped before bracing herself, having not enough time to react.

Tortank ceased fire and waited for the smoke to clear. It’s expression was now shock upon seeing a light brown cat sustaining a psychic barrier in front of Flash.

Clover chuckled. “Don’t tell me you were going to leave me out of the fun. I can fight too you know!” she reminded before dropping the barrier.

Flash smiled. “You were the one who taught me everything I know! Why in the world would I leave my sister out of this?” she reassured.

Tortank roared angrily, kicking it into overdrive and readying a second cannon behind the other.

Flash and Clover grinned. “You go for the head while I try and take out those cannons!” Clover instructed.

Flash went for another charge but found herself running on empty. “Uh oh…How about this: You distract it while I drain its electricity THEN we go with your plan!” she insisted.

Clover nodded. “Alright but try to be quick. I know I can dodge but I do have my limits,” she warned.

Flash nodded back and spin-dashed to the mech’s rear, carefully getting on its back, slamming her hand down on its titanium shell, immediately sensing an electrical current, and beginning to absorb it.

Meanwhile, Clover sprang into action and launched the capsule debris at Tortank’s head, hoping it would damage SOMETHING.

It proved ineffective as both cannons were aimed at the psychic cat and immediately began blasting bombs.

Clover quickly summoned the barrier again only to find a new problem: the force of the explosions were chipping away at not just the barrier but Clover’s mental AND physical strength as well! “Ugh...Flash!! Hurry up! I can’t keep the barrier up much longer!” she exclaimed.

Flash frowned, knowing that if she was to recharge too fast, she’d be overloading herself to an explosive point and her wrist inhibitors could only control so much power. But it was either recharge safely and risk letting her friend get seriously injured or have a 100% chance of defeating the beast but also putting her own life at stake.

Clover struggled to keep the barrier from fading but knew that at any second, she’d lose all her energy and strength. “F-FLASH!!” she yelled.

The cyan hedgehog took a deep breath and recharged faster and faster and faster until she found her body sparking and jolting, her eyes completely bright yellow and her heart pounding at an incredible rate! Flash was now bursting with energy and well beyond at full “battery.” She was now capable of reaching the speed of light and able to deliver attacks 3 times stronger than at her normal level.

Clover stared in amazement. In the past, she had seen Flash go “High-Voltage” but even after 2 times, it still somehow manages to leave Clover stunned.

Flash took to the air and began zipping all over at lightning speed before taking the form of electricity and entering Turtank’s system, attacking from the inside and overloading it.


The beast was nothing more than scorching hot debris and crispy pieces of metal and titanium.

Flash turned back into her normal self before falling to the ground, motionless. Her brief moment of supercharged invincibility had come to an end.

Clover rushed over, worried for her friend’s life. “Flash! Are you alight??” she asked, getting on her knees to the cyan hedgehog’s level. “C’mon Flash! Speak to me! Say something!”

Flash slowly opened her eyes, her dark-yellow pupils visible again. “C-Clover? What happened?” she asked.

The light-brown cat sighed, relieved. “You went high-voltage again. I guess I should’ve kept that in mind before we followed through with our plan. Are you ok?” she asked.

Flash nodded. “I think so...kinda hot but otherwise I think I’m fine,” she reassured.

Clover smiled. “The first zone and we’ve already been through a lot...This is gonna be quite an adventure. Not that’d you’d be worried, Flash. You’re finally doing what you’ve always wanted to do: step into Sonic’s shoes and be a hero,” she paused before helping the cyan hedgehog to her feet.

Flash nodded. “Now back on track, how much further until we reach zone number 2?” she asked.

Clover shrugged. “Could be miles until we get there. Might need to find someplace to stay overnight…” she guessed.

Flash frowned. “If that’s the case, then we’d better get moving. C’mon,” she said before jogging ahead.

Clover nodded and followed close behind.

Later that night, the two friends decided to spend the night in a cavern and build a fire.

Flash exhaled, laying down with her head on a rock. “So this Lord Doom guy’s out to take over the world? Kind of an overused idea if you ask me. But if we...actually it was mostly me...can trash that robot of his, we can kick his evil imperial butt any day, right Clover?” the cyan hedgehog asked.

Clover smiled. “Of course. We’re sticking together all the way!” she triumphantly replied, keeping the fire just right.

Flash sighed. “Do you think my parents would be happy for me?” she asked.

Clover got up and walked over before sitting down next to her sister and putting a hand on her shoulder. “Still thinking about mom and dad. I think they’d be more than happy to see how much you’ve grown and learned,” she answered, showing a comforting smile.

Flash smiled back. “I guess that’s true…”

Clover nodded. “I know it’s true. You escaped from Dr. Eggman and that’s a pretty big deal, you met Sonic the Hedgehog which is also a huge deal, and NOW you’re saving the world. Who wouldn’t be proud about that?”

Flash chuckled. “You’re right. I’m glad to have you as my best friend/sister,” she said before pulling Clover into a hug.

Clover chuckled as well. “I couldn’t ask for a better best friend/sister!” she said, hugging Flash back before letting go. “Do you remember how we met?” she asked.

Flash nodded. “How could I forget! That was a few days after I met Sonic. That was also the same day the island became abandoned,” she recalled.

"Hello? Anyone?" Flash called out, starting to panic. "Miss Susie? Ralph? Is anyone there?!" just as she finished, Flash could hear a soft grunting noise immediately followed by the sound of something hitting something. "Huh?! H-Hello?" curious, the young hedgehog followed the sound to find another fellow mobian, a light-brown cat, repeatedly punching a rock out of anger.

"GRAH! What do you want, kid?" the stranger asked without turning her head.

Flash stepped back, intimidated. "U-Uh…I-I'm looking for...well...everyone who lives here is gone...all I did was go home for a quick nap and now...I can't find anyone. D-do you know what happened? D-did they go somewhere?" she asked.

The stranger continued to punch the rock. "Don't know, don't care. Now beat it, squirt." she demanded.

Flash frowned. "B-But I don't have anywhere else to go...I'm lost and really really scared. C-Can I stay with you for a while? I promise I won't bother you!" she pleaded.

The stranger turned and glared at Flash. "Listen you weakling, I've got problems of my own and the last thing I need is someone else here to bug me! So I’m gonna say this once. I don’t give a flying flip about your problems so LEAVE. ME. ALONE!!” she strictly yelled.

Flash ran off, hurt by the stranger’s harsh words.

In a small hole, the young hedgehog sobbed, a couple of berries in hand. “Well...I’m all alone now. No one to talk to or keep me company. Then again...this could be a good thing! I have the whole island all to myself!” she tried to perk up but failed. “...Who am I kidding? I’m scared and all I have to eat are these stupid berries,” she said, throwing said berries onto the ground out of frustration, each one painting the ground with a red or blue color as it splattered.

Soon after, Flash was startled by a bush rustling nearby. The stranger from before emerged and sighed. “Oh. It’s you,” she paused. “Listen kid...I-I’m sorry for snapping at you earlier. I’ve had time to think and calm down, so how about we start over?” she asked.

Flash turned her back. “I hope that rock broke your fists,” she said.

The stranger frowned. “That’s a little harsh don’t you think? I know I was being mean but can’t we just look past that? Ever hear of “Love and Tolerate?”” she asked.

Flash rolled her eyes. “Fine. What’s your name?” she asked.

The stranger smiled a bit. “I’m Clover the Cat but please just call me Clover. What’s your name?” she asked.

“Flash the Hedgehog.” she answered.

Clover smiled. “Nice to meet you Flash. So you were asking me about where everyone went? Since I first got here yesterday, I haven’t seen anyone. Just abandoned buildings,” she explained.

Flash frowned. “Same with me...and now I’m all alone.”

Clover wrapped an arm around Flash. “Not COMPLETELY alone. We’re friends now, right?” she asked.

Flash gave an unsure look. “Uh...right…”

Clover smiled. “Sure you didn’t look like it at first, but when I saved you from falling off that cliff the next day, we really became friends.”

Flash sweatdropped. “Right…” she yawned. “Well, we’d better get some shut-eye. Tomorrow, we take on that zone together.” she said.

Clover clenched her fist and instantly put out the fire. “Alright then...night Flash.” she said before laying on the ground with her head against the log.

Flash closed her eyes. “Night Clover.”
Flash the Hedgehog - 01: Plant Paradise Zone
Finally here is chapter 1 of my not-so-long-awaited fanfiction featuring my Sonic OC...yes it looks lazy and cheesy but 
1. I needed to get this off my chest
2. It's better than....that other one...


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