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Pokemon - Nicole by cooleevee759
Pokemon - Nicole
More anime-ish lineart of my Trainer OC with her 2 main Pokemon by her side, Aqua and Luna.

Also because of my attention span of a fly, I'm probably not gonna finish Pokemon all. That's the second time but I'll just spoil it right here for those who are curious:

NEW POKEMON: Priss the Glameow.

More Team flare trouble, but it's ok! They're pussys and don't know the meaning of "STRONG" pokemon.
The power's back in Lumiose City! Yay!

NEW POKEMON: Tank the Grotle.

Blah blah blah. X and Y story!
Uh oh! Team Flare has awakened the legendary beast! We gotta stop them! 

Lysander defeated forever! OH NO! THE BEAST HAS RISEN! IT'S ZYGARDE!!
Nicole finally unravels the true power of Mega Evolution!
Luna evolves into MEGA GARDEVIOR!!
Zygarde is calmed and returns to where it came.

A moment of peace as life returns back to normal and we can live life to the fullest again!

BUT WAIT! One more Gym Leader left! 
Eve finally evolves into Aqua and her whole team is ready to take on the Elite 4 and challenge the Kalos champion!

Oh no!! She's too strong! AAAAAAHHH!!!

Our hero was defeated but thanks to her pokemon, she has learned that all throughout her long and exciting journey though Kalos, Nicole has matured. Once an unsure, weak 10 year old girl, she's become independent, smarter, and more outgoing. It's not about if you win or lose or about being the best. It's about the fun and lasting moments and memories you can experience, learning from your mistakes, improving yourself. 

So what if she didn't beat the champion! She's still given the Kalos medal of honor and upon turning 18, she set out with her main pokemon; Aqua, Luna, Static, and Priss to the distant Beya region to become what she is today: A well known marine biologist, working hard and treating everyday like an adventure.

WHEW!!! And with that, I shall switch to modern day and begin the Beya region chronicles.
9 days left till x-mas break...sorry. no story, but I WILL do something special. Don't you guys worry.
time to show the world my TRUE self...look at me fellow watchers! LOOK AT MY FACE! LOOK AT IT!! LOOK AT IT!! I WANT ALL OF YOU TO LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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United States
I'm a 17 year old Brony and fan of Sonic, Pokemon, and Minecraft. My favorite pony is Babseed. My favorite PRINCESS is Luna!
Color: Blue
Food: Sara Lee Cheesecake
Book: The Elements of Harmony
Game: Sonic Generations (3DS)
Movie: Equestria Girls, The LEGO Movie
Musicians: Crush 40 and Tony Harnell



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