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I'm an 18 year old Brony and fan of Sonic, Pokemon, and Minecraft. My favorite pony is Babseed, favorite human is Sunset Shimmer, and favorite princess is Luna!
Color: Blue
Food: Sara Lee Cheesecake
Book: The Elements of Harmony
Game: Sonic Generations (3DS)
Movie: Equestria Girls, The LEGO Movie
Musicians: Crush 40 and Tony Harnell





Nicole Porter’s Vaporeon was slammed with great force into a rock formation which shattered upon impact. A maelstrom of bubbles and dust kicked up, clouding the girl’s vision. But that didn’t matter to her. Her best friend was hurt.

Nicole swam over as fast as her legs would let her, despite the frigid temperature of the twilight zone. “Aqua!! Are you ok??” she asked worriedly through her breathing device, bubbles escaping as she spoke, unaware of the danger rocketing towards her.

Aqua was the first to see the light approaching. She knew she had to act fast. Without command, she fired a pressurized blast of water at the opponent, causing the light to fade into darkness. A Hydro Pump.

The two-piece-clad girl turned around just in time to see the fading light. She took a breath from her mouthpiece before sighing with relief grateful for her friend’s sudden action. “Whoa...thanks Aqua. You saved me there didn’t you?” she asked.

Aqua nodded before weakly paddling over and nuzzling up against her trainer, just as grateful to see her best friend still in one piece. “Va Vapor…” she mewed.

Nicole giggled. “Right. I think I can live without an Angape...even though they are pretty rare…think you can make it back up?” she asked through her mouthpiece.

Aqua shook her head. “On…” she sadly replied.

Nicole nodded. “Good thing I brought my belt!” pulling off a Dive Ball, she enlarged it with the press of a button and tossed it up. “C’mon out, Aria!”

From the Dive Ball materialized a mermaid-looking Pokemon with a pale blue coloration. It had ocean blue lips and black eye shadow with a black streak running from the bottom of the eyes to its cheeks. Long dark blue hair flowed behind as well as covered part of its dark blue eyes. What looked like a light blue top appeared to be some sort of armor. Its arms were pale blue just like its head and torso and at the end of each arm was a stub as well as a smaller stub, apparently a thumb. As for the rest of it, a blue mermaid tail.

This was the aquatic charmer of the Beya region, Lullamera.

Aria swam down to her trainer then noticed her teammate looking in bad shape. “Lul Lulla? Mera Lullamera?” she asked in her native Pokemon language, a concerned expression on her face.

Nicole nodded, understanding what her friend was trying to say. “We had a battle with an Angape but things didn’t go so well. Can you help get her back up to the surface?” she asked.

Aria nodded, smiling. “Mera!”

Nicole smiled back. “Awesome! Just make sure you wait for me...i gotta go slowly to avoid getting The Bends…” she warned, understanding the dangers of diving deep.

Aria nodded before swimming over to Aqua and grabbing her by the stomach then beginning the slow journey back up.

Nicole stayed close to her Pokemon to avoid being left vulnerable to any attackers.

After a few seconds of swimming, the light from the surface above made its presence known, returning the ocean to its normal blue.

But just when Nicole and her Pokemon thought they were safe, the same bright light as before was back. This time thanks to the light from the sun, they could see the mystery Pokemon in all its detailed glory.

It was large and resembled an anglerfish with large pointed teeth that were too big for its mouth, a lower jaw that extended past the upper jaw, large pupil-less glassy eyes, a glowing lure dangling from the top of its head, a row of spikes down its back, and a glowing row of spots on its sides, running from its head to its tailfin.

This was the hideous deep-sea fish of the Beya region, Angape

Nicole’s mind raced, desperately trying to come up with a plan. Then it hit her as she looked up. Her research trawler was barely visible amidst the open water. “Aria, you stay down here and hold it off while I get Aqua to the boat!” she instructed.

Aria was shocked. “MAR?!”

Nicole smiled as she put her hand on Aria’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Aria! I’ve seen you swim and I know you’re fast enough to outwit that Angape! Besides, speed isn’t what they're built for! Just don’t look directly at the light! I promise I’ll be quick!” she reassured.

Aria hesitantly nodded before letting her trainer go.

The wild Angape realized two perfectly good morsels were getting away before it shrieked and gave chase only to be stopped by a rather seductive sight.

In an attempt to keep the wild Angape distracted, Aria used Attract! She had a flirty expression on her face, fluttering her eyelids, blowing an imaginary kiss at the creature, and finally beckoning it over. “Lullamera~” she winked.

The wild Angape took the bait a little too well as it didn’t see an attractive Pokemon but an enticing, scrumptious, and smoking meal! It darted over, mouth wide open.

Aria realized her Attract had backfired as she darted out of the way. “LULLA!!!” she screamed, pumping her tail for dear life. Looking back, she saw the wild beast continuing to follow her at a surprisingly steady pace. Darting behind a large coral structure, she managed to buy herself some time as the wild Angape swam past.

“Lul...Lul...Lul...Lul…” Aria panted, thinking hard and fast, knowing it wouldn’t be long until her pursuer found her. Looking up, she saw Nicole’s boat at the surface and its owner just boarding the vessel. Aria smiled, seeing her trainer and teammate were safe, but was soon interrupted by a familiar screech.

The wild Angape was rushing towards her, mouth open wide.

Aria screamed before taking off once more. She pumped her tail as hard as she could, locked in “fight or flight” mode. She managed to dart into an opening in the coral that was too big for her attacker to enter but that didn’t stop it from trying, ramming its large body against the rock, trying desperately to get a bite.

Aria’s breathing began to accelerate once she saw a good portion of the rocky entrance crumble, allowing the wild Angape to reach in further! “LULLA?! MERA!! MER! MER!! MAR!!!”

Then the beast’s lure managed to slip in.

Aria gasped before shutting her eyes tightly, knowing she’d end up becoming entranced by the light. She grabbed the tip of the lure and pulled on it hard before letting go, causing the phosphorescent trap to snap back into the creature’s eye.

The wild Angape shrieked in pain, backing away from the opening.

Aria saw her one chance at freedom and took it. Darting out of the hole, she made her way towards the surface but suddenly halted. Looking back, she saw that the wild Angape was now on top of her, biting into the tip of the mermaid Pokemon’s tail!

“LAAAAAA!!!!” Aria shrieked, feeling the unbearable pain of sharp needlelike teeth puncturing her flesh! Apparently, this was it...she was about to become this monster’s catch of the day and Nicole would never see her again…

“Luna! Moonblast!”

Just then, a powerful sphere of lunar energy shot through the water, giving off a twinkling radiance, before colliding with the wild Angape!

Just before the impact, Aria turned to the oh-so familiar voice of her trainer. There she was, floating in the open water alongside her Gardevoir, Luna, which also had a mouthpiece, allowing the land Pokemon to breathe underwater. Aria smiled as she came free from the beast’s powerful jaws, thankful to see her friend again and overjoyed that she would live to see another day after all.

Aria rushed over to her trainer before smothering her in a hug. “LULLA!! Lulla Lul Mera!!” she cried, nearly at the point of tears.

Nicole had no time to brace for the friendly impact, loosing her mouthpiece in the process! “MBLBR!” she glubbed, finally breaking herself free and inserting the mouthpiece back in, inhaling a much welcomed breath of oxygen. “Aria! I’m happy to see you again too but take it easy next time!” she chuckled, brushing her slight mishap off. “Are you alright?” she asked through the breathing device.

Aria shook her head before showing the girl her tail, revealing deep scratches and cuts on the backside. “Amer…” she whimpered.

Nicole gasped. “Yikes...those DO look pretty bad! We’ll take a look at them back on the boat but right now, you deserve some rest! Thanks for holding off the Angape. Luna and I’ll take it from here!” she reassured before pulling the Dive Ball off her belt and returning Aria.

After clipping the ball back onto her maroon Pokeball belt, Nicole turned to her Gardevoir who was now hurdling right at her. “WHOA!!” she exclaimed, swimming out of the way. “Luna!”

The psychic/fairy-type quickly recovered before nodding to her trainer, using telepathy to communicate. (Don’t worry, Nicole. I’m alright!) she mentally reassured.

Nicole nodded back then turned to the wild Angape. “That thing’s surprisingly fast...Luna, Future Sight!” she instructed.

Luna nodded, focusing her mind and closing her eyes as she saw a vision of an incoming attack.

The wild Angape growled before charging up energy then releasing the blast in the form of a frigid beam of ice from its lure! Ice Beam.

Nicole gasped. “Protect!”

Luna quickly took action, summoning a protective barrier of energy. It shattered upon impact from the opponent's attack.

Nicole nodded. “Nice work! Now let’s try Dazzling Gleam!” she instructed.

Luna nodded, gathering energy from the moon and building it up before letting it burst in a blinding flash! “VOIR!”

The wild Angape screeched, overwhelmed by the intense light. It flailed but eventually managed to regain its senses. The lure on its head began to pulsate and glow brightly before it escalated to bright flashes and strobes. Energy began to build up before it was released in a beam of light. Signal Beam!

Luna was struck, suffering large portion of damage.

Nicole swam over, concerned. “Luna!”

But Luna managed to fight through the pain, urging her trainer back. (I’m fine!)

Nicole nodded. “Alright...It’s looking weak! One more Dazzling Gleam should do it!”

Luna nodded back before gathering more energy from the moon.

But the wild Angape took this as an opportunity to move in for a bite. It charged forward, mouth wide open, aimed directly at Luna!

Nicole’s eyes widened with fear. “Luna! Watch out!”

Luna had no time to react as she was immediately struck by the creature’s razor sharp bite! The sharp pain caused her to exclaim in pain, forcing the mouthpiece out! “VOIRLB!”

Nicole’s heart began to slam in her chest as she saw the wild Angape begin its descent into the darkness below! “NO! LUNA!!” she screamed.

(Nicole! Help me!!)

The girl had only one option if she were to save her friend. Looking down, she saw two lights beginning to fade into the darkness. The Angape’s lure and a bright multi-colored glow. The girl nodded before beginning to dive down after the two. “...Beyond Evolution! MEGA EVOLVE!!” she exclaimed.

The water below began to stir as a maelstrom of bubbles and clouds of silt from the walls of the rocky drop-off appeared.

In a powerful burst of energy from the Gardevoirite necklace around Luna’s neck and the unbreakable bond created between human and Pokemon, The darkness lit up!

Luna had transformed into Mega Gardevoir!

With the mouthpiece in hand, Nicole swam as fast as she could, desperate to reach her friend before she succumbed to the ocean’s lack of fresh air. “Luna?! Where are you?!” she called out.


Finally, the girl could make out a familiar shape amongst the darkness. She didn’t care about the freezing temperature or even the uncomfortable pressure from the depths. She quickly shoved the mouthpiece into her friend’s mouth. “C’mon Luna! Breathe! Breathe!” she desperately ordered.

Luna’s blurry vision began to vanish as she was greeted with the feel of fresh oxygen in her once starving lungs. She turned to see her trainer smiling with relief and in turn, the psychic/fairy-type did the same. (...ugh...Nicole...thank you…)

The brown-haired girl nodded. “No way am I losing you to some deep-sea monster...where’d it go anyway?” she asked, looking around.

Luna frowned. (Nicole...I don’t like it down here...I’m teleporting us out of here!)

Nicole gasped. “No Luna! Our bodies can’t handle the sudden change in pressure, remember?!”

Luna nodded, sweatdropping. (Oh...yes. Decompression sickness…??) She paused before quickly shoving her trainer aside. (GET BEHIND ME NICOLE!)

The light was back, signaling the presence of the wild Angape. It charged at the two only to be met with a barrier of energy! Luna used Protect!

Nicole watched the barrier shatter on impact before doing as Luna had told her, switching her mind back into battle mode. “That’s one stubborn Angape! Luna, Dazzling Gleam!”

Just as the wild Angape was about to land another bite, it’s aim was thrown off by a bright burst of intense light. Finally, hitting a rock formation, it ceased moving, the lure on its head becoming dimmer and dimmer.

Nicole smiled. “Good thing I brought this extra Dive Ball!” she then threw the capsule-like device at the wild Angape.

The ball opened upon impact, sucked the creature inside, and clamped shut with a small burst of bubbles.



The ball’s red light dimmed into nothing and the slight swaying of the object stopped.

Nicole cheered. “YES!! I just caught me an Angape!!” The girl swam over to retrieve her prize before clipping it to her belt. She then turned to Luna who’s Mega Evolution had faded. “Alright Luna…” she sighed, relieved that the intense battle was finally over. “Let’s head back to the boat and research this thing! Actually, both Aqua and Aria’s injuries are something I should look at first.”

Luna nodded, following the girl back up to the surface.


The white one-person research trawler bobbed up and down along the waves of the ocean. The water was calm, the wild flock of Seagull and Pelipper above cried out as she soared over the water and the vessel, and overall, everything seemed just dandy.

In the boat’s cabin, Nicole was hard at work, reading over the notes she had taken earlier that day. Illustrations of wild marine Pokemon, coral, plants, and the like were sketched on the pages of a blue waterproof notebook.

Deciding she needed a break from the ocean for a few hours, Nicole now wore her usual turquoise tank top, blue jean shorts, and maroon Pokeball belt. However, the slots were empty.

Though a look outside on the deck explained that problem.

Nicole’s Pokemon were out enjoying themselves. Aqua and Aria splashed and played among the waves of the ocean along with Coral, a rather shy and quiet Alomomola;  Radia, a wild-spirited and excitable Lumineon; and finally Marine, a baby Phione with a playful and curious attitude.

On the ship’s deck, Luna was lying on her back, deciding to catch some rays while the others played. She didn’t mind being alone as it gave her some quiet time and relaxation to rest up for whenever Nicole would need her again. Though sometimes she wished she could join them and cool off in the ocean but alas, Gardevoir just aren’t used to the aquatic world...

Back in the cabin, Nicole was just finishing up her notes when she heard a familiar growl from behind. She turned around in her chair and saw her newly caught Angape in its tank with the cover locked tight. She was rather surprised how it still remained rather ferocious even after capture. The girl quickly picked up a pencil and took notes, ignoring the fact that her specimen was snapping at her, trying to break out and get a few good bites in. “Nothing you do will scare me, Angape. I’ve seen MUCH worse from Radia!”

The Angape payed no heed to the girl as it continued to slam into the glass in an attempt to break it. Not even so much as a crack. “Rrrrrrrrg…” it growled.

Nicole sighed. “Don’t tell me you’re hungry again. Is that why you’re so angry?” she asked.

The Angape stopped ramming the glass, now just staring at the girl with it's large, glassy, seemingly soulless eyes as if waiting for her to do something.

The young marine biologist rolled her eyes. “Fine, but next time, try asking nicely or something!” she suggested before grabbing a large sack of Pokemon food from under her desk. Using almost every ounce of strength in her, she hoisted the sack up to the lid of the tank before ripping it open, the job being easy thanks to an indentation left by the factory.

She watched the food spill into a small opening then into the tank where the Angape began to thrash and dart around, snapping as it chomped on the tiny bite-sized morsels.

Nicole nodded with a smile as she picked up her pencil and notebook again, taking notes on the creature’s movements as it ate. She sighed when a sudden thud came from behind the door to the cabin. Nicole set aside her notes, got up, and walked over the the door, opening it to reveal a panicked Vaporeon. “Aqua? What’s wrong?” she asked, kneeling down to her friend’s level.

Aqua jumped up and down before turning to face the open ocean. “Vapor!! Por! Por! Por! Vaporeon!!” she cried.

Nicole followed her friend’s gaze, shading her eyes with her hands to avoid the intense glare of the hot summer sun. “Pirates?? What are you talking about!? There’s nothi…” the girl suddenly gasped as a large vessel came into view, rapidly approaching her small research boat. “...sweet arceus…”

The distant sound of a booming horn echoed across the water, making the ship’s presence known.

The rest of Nicole’s water-type Pokemon immediately heard the noise and rushed back behind the white boat in fear.

Luna was instantly on her feet and looking out towards the great ship, now close enough to make out its details.

It was a small black oil tanker but still massive enough to dwarf Nicole’s little boat. The deck was filled with hundreds of men in ragged, tattered, dirty, and wet clothes. On the bow of the ship stood an elderly man with a captain’s hat, blue coat, brown pants, and black rain boots. The boat had an obvious look of being hijacked as the name on the side was scratched off and repainted poorly. The Black Storm.

Nicole rushed to the vessel’s controls before slamming her fist on the anchor controls. The stolen ship wasn’t slowing down so by the looks of it, it was time to go! Running to the side, she pulled off her teammate’s Pokeballs from her belt and returned the water-types back in. “Out of the water, everyone! We gotta go!”

After clipping her balls back on, she rushed back inside to the controls and started the engine.

The motor roared to life, causing the ship to vibrate ever so slightly. Shoving the throttle forward, Nicole and her Pokemon took off at full speed. The propellers stirred up a jet stream of bubbles as they forced the trawler onward and out of the way of the great ship just in time. Nicole looked back, sighing with relief. “...whew...that was too close…”

Aqua nodded in agreement, still shaking from the fright the situation had given her. “P-P-Poreon...Vapor…” she whimpered.

Nicole pulled the throttle back, bringing the research vessel to a comfortable speed before giving her friend a few quick strokes on her dorsal fin to calm her down. “Don’t worry sis! We’re ok! But those pirates...don’t think I’ve ever even seen an oil tanker around Beya in my life…” she pondered before bringing her boat to a slow stop. After getting up from the comfort of the built-in spinning chair, she went back to her workspace, going for the onboard radio only to be greeted with a loud burst of static.

The sudden blast of noise caused her to drop the speaking device before remembering an important note given to her by the seller of the boat. “Oh’s a bit glitchy…”

Luna entered the cabin, using Confusion on the doorknob. (Nicole? Are you and Aqua alright?) she asked telepathically.

Both girls nodded. “Yes Luna. We’re fine...Just wish the stupid radio would work so I can inform authorities about those jerks! They could’ve killed us!”

Luna nodded. (So I’m not alone. I had an unpleasant sense about them as we took off...and it most certainly wasn’t welcoming…) she frowned.

Nicole sighed before a stray memory clicked. “Ah! My Pokedex! I had it upgraded with a radio function! I wonder if it can pick up frequencies from ships…” she pondered before walking into the small bedroom of her boat and rummaging through the drawers of her nightstand. “AHA!!”

Pulling out a small red device, she flipped the cover open and turned it on. Flipping her way to the built-in radio application, she was disappointed to see no form of communication. Just your average radio stations. She sighed, silently cursing under her breath. “We can’t go back to shore just yet. I have a deadline to meet! If I screw this up, I’ll have a lot of explaining to do for that meeting in a few weeks…but what if those jerks show up again? I can’t just ignore them! I have to do SOMETHING about them!”

Luna nodded, understanding her trainer’s dilemma. ( much as I’d hate to just brush those pirates off, you shouldn’t worry about them. A ship that large can’t possibly be missed by anyone. You said we only had two more days of work so why don’t we make them count?) she asked.

Nicole took a deep breath and nodded. “...Y-You’re right, Luna. We ARE on a deadline...just let those pirates be pirates...We have work to do!” she smiled before putting her Pokedex back in the drawer and returning to her work space. “I still have to examine those pieces of Anemonea tentacles anyway...wait...what did the Pokedex say about them again?”

Aqua rushed back into the bedroom to fetch the girl’s Pokedex again before coming back with the device in her mouth. “Por!”

Nicole chuckled. “Thanks Aqua!” she happily received the device before turning it on, flipping through the digital entries of each Beya region Pokemon recorded so far, and finally coming across her targeted Pokemon entry

The image on the screen showed a tree-shaped purple creature. The lower part of the body consisted of roots burrowed into the sandy ocean floor. The arms ended on yellow anemone-like appendages just like the top of the head. It had a calm feminine appearance to it with a relaxed smile and closed eyes.

Nicole pressed the PLAY button, allowing the digital voice to read the entry.



Nicole smiled. “And what about the tentacles?” she asked, pressing the yellow tips of the Pokemon on the screen.


Nicole nodded. “Just in case, I should wear my gloves for this one…”


The sun was starting to sink below the horizon when Nicole turned off her portable microscope and stretched about in her chair, yawning. “Finally got that out of the way...I think I’ll call it a day for now.”

But just as she was getting up from her chair, a loud horn made its presence known, sounding as if it was right outside.

Aqua, who was napping contently under the desk, woke up with a start, bumping her head against the underside of the metal table. “POR!!”

Nicole heard the thump and kneeled down to her friend’s level to check on her. “Aqua, are you ok?” she asked.

The water-type nodded. “Por…” she mewed reassuringly, crawling out from underneath and towards the cabin door. “Va Vapor Vaporeon?” she asked, pointing a paw to the door.

Nicole nodded. “I was about to. C’mon.”

Stepping outside, it was just as the girl had feared.

Towering over the research vessel was the same tanker from before only anchored right next to the boat. The man from the bow looked down at the tiny ship and laughed. “What? THAT little dinghy? Don’t be ridiculous, men! It’s not worth plundering!” his attention was then on the trawler’s only crew member: Nicole. “HAHAHAHAHA!!! Look here men! I WAS right! The captain is a but a little girl!” he laughed.

Nicole and Aqua glared at the newcomers. “I’ll have you know i’m 19, you creeps! What the heck are you even doing out here?! As a marine biologist, I can gladly inform HQ about you disturbing the wildlife out here!” she warned.

Aqua rushed forward in front of her trainer, eyes glaring and dorsal fin sticking straight up. “Poreon Por!!” she added.

The man laughed again, clearly not listening. “I could care less about the blasted environment! I just want my treasure and I’m going to get it even if I have to ravage every single ship in the high seas! Anyone who gets in the way of the great Captain John will be sleeping with the Sharpedo! That includes landlubbing troublemakers like you!” he warned.

Nicole had a look of confusion. “Treasure? There’s no treasure here! What are you talking about? I’ve sailed and dived in these waters many times and I’ve never heard about anything as stupid as-”

Captain John cut her off. “Only TRUE pirates have heard about the legendary wreck of the...Oh pardon me! I almost gave it away! Of course I won’t reveal the tale to just any little girl!”

Nicole was getting rather annoyed by these goons. “I’M 19!! And too bad for you, I don’t even want to know about some stupid treasure! Believe it or not, naive people such as yourselves go searching for years and always end up dead because they believed some magical fairy tale about a fake treasure to be true! I for one, am too smart and too busy to fall for something as ridiculous as that!”

Aqua smiled, feeling proud for having such an amazing, brave, and clever trainer. “Eon Vapore!” she cried.

Captain John growled. “Oh is that so? You dare mock The Black Storm and its crew?! You, young lady, have made a terrible mistake! ALL POKEMON ON DECK! GET ME THE STRONGEST POKEMON ON THIS SHIP NOW! WE HAVE OURSELVES A SCALLYWAG TROUBLEMAKER!” he barked.

Nicole took a step back in surprise. “Wait what?? No! I wasn’t trying to pick a fight! I just want you and your men to leave!”

The men weren’t listening.

Nicole sighed. “Alright...guess we’ll have to take these jokers out ourselves. Ready Aqua?” she asked, looking down at her beloved water-type.

Aqua gave a nod of confirmation. “Vap!”

Nicole nodded back, a bold and determined look on her face. “Alright, so-called Captain John! Get ready to have your timbers shivered!”

The grinning captain chuckled. “Mutual feelings, you scallywag girly! Prepare to learn the Davy Jones Locker combination! Go Animareic!” he exclaimed, tossing a Pokeball down towards the small vessel.

Nicole and Aqua were beyond confused. “Animareic?? It’s a ghost and steel-type! It doesn’t know any water-”

The creature materialized and the animatronic Pokemon that landed on the trawler’s deck was broken and withered. The upper sections of the arms and legs were missing, revealing the endoskeleton. The hands and feet weren’t even attached. They simply...floated in place, giving the illusion of being connected with the limbs. There were also many bits and chunks broken off of the suit as well as holes, exposing the innards of the robots. Even the head of the animatronic floated in place. The eyes were missing, in their place being two glowing lights as pupils. Complete with scratches, exposed wires, and years of dust and decay, it was a horrifying sight. It resembled a red or maroon fox or dog with an eyepatch, a hook hand, sharp teeth, and a wooden pegleg.

This was one of the many forms of the nightmare inducing animatronic of the Beya region, Animareic.

“Y-YARGH ME MATEY! I’LL MAKE YA WALK THE-THE-THE-THE PLANK!” it spoke in a glitchy and somewhat raspy electronic voice. Clearly, the speech was pre-recorded as its mouth was off-sync with each word.

Nicole sweatdropped. “Oh right...I forgot there was the pirate one.”

Captain John grinned. “Now get us started with Crunch!” he commanded.

The robot rushed at Aqua, mouth wide open, revealing its sharp pointed teeth. “MARE!!” it screeched.

Nicole gasped. “Scald!”

Aqua quickly obeyed and opened her mouth, spraying a powerful jet of boiling hot water at the opponent.

The Animareic stumbled backwards, nearly falling into the water. The hot water impacted the suit, seeping through the cracks and eventually finding its way into the inner components. “A-A-A-ARG! IT’S GONNA-ONNA-ONNA BE THE BREAK FOR YE, LANDLUBBER!” it glitched.

Nicole smiled. “Great work, Aqua!”

Aqua simply gave a nod, knowing it wasn’t over yet.

Captain John growled. “Beginner’s luck! Animareic, Jumpscare!”

The robotic Pokemon shrouded itself and Aqua in pitch black darkness before suddenly reappearing in the water-type’s face, screeching loudly! “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!”

Aqua flailed about before falling backwards in fear and shock. “VAPEON!!!!” she cried.

Nicole gasped. “Aqua!”

Captain John laughed. “Now Animareic! Follow up with Metal Claw!”

The Animareic’s sharp metallic hook began to glow brightly upon being raised high above the fox-like creature’s head before it came down upon the shocked water-type, resulting in critical damage!

Aqua was thrown backwards, landing at her trainer’s barefeet. “Oreon….” she whimpered.

Nicole crouched down, worried for her friend’s well-being. “Aqua? Are you alright?” she asked.

Aqua nodded before getting back onto her paws, brushing off the mild pain. “Va Vapor,” she cried, giving her trainer a quick nuzzle before returning to battle. “Por!”

Nicole chuckled, standing back up. “That’s it, Aqua! We’re not going down without a REAL fight! Now blast it onto the ocean with Hydro Pump!!” she exclaimed, sharply pointing a finger at the target.

Aqua nodded before opening her mouth, blasting out a mighty pressurized burst of water at her opponent. “Va...POR!!!”

The Animareic tried to stand its ground against the force but was easily overpowered by the devastating attack, thrown off Nicole’s boat and into the water below! The water invaded its electronic body, causing it to short-circuit and faint.

Captain John growled as he returned the fallen animatronic Pokemon. “Impressive bond with your Vaporeon, girl! But it’s gonna take a lot more to bring ME down! Go Sharpedo!”

The ball burst open, materializing the dark blue shark Pokemon, Sharpedo. But there was something different about this one. Piercing its dorsal fin was a small iron anchor with something glittering in the center.

Upon closer inspection, Nicole could make out a familiar object. “Is that...a mega stone??” she wondered.

In a similar fashion as Luna, the sea around the shark Pokemon churned and swirled. A powerful wind began to pick up as the Pokemon was overtaken by a blinding light. A sudden burst of energy gave way to a different Pokemon. Mega Sharpedo!

Nicole took a second to process what had just happened before looking up at Captain John who had a black bracelet with a Mega Keystone embedded in it. “You have Mega Evolution too?!” she asked.

The man nodded. “Only a select few are lucky enough to wield such amazing power! It’s that exact power that managed to get me this far!”

Nicole frowned before turning back to her friend. “Take it easy, Aqua. Let’s have Luna give it a try!” she reassured.

Aqua nodded as she backed off to her trainer’s side. “Por,” she acknowledged.

Nicole pulled off Luna’s Heal Ball from her belt and enlarged it before throwing it up in the air. “Alright Luna! It’s your time to shine!”

In a flash of light, the ball burst open, materializing the psychic/fairy-type inside.

Luna was ready the second she left the ball, standing by for command. (Of course, Nicole! Ready whenever!) she reassured.

Nicole nodded. “Beyond evolution! MEGA EVOLVE!” she raised her mega bracelet high above her head as it gleamed with intense colors.

Luna’s gardevoirite necklace immediately reacted, swallowing the Pokemon in a blinding light. With the power of the two stones and the bond between human and Pokemon, a powerful burst of energy gave way to Mega Evolution! Luna had evolved into Mega Gardevoir once again.

Captain John was rather surprised. “Oh! So you too wield the power of the stones! Finally! A battle of mega proportions!” he then turned back to his shark Pokemon, floating in the water awaiting orders. “Mega Sharpedo, give them a taste of your Ice Beam!”

The water/dark-type obeyed, charging up energy and releasing it in the form of a frozen beam of icy crystalline energy.

Reading her trainer’s mind, Mega Luna quickly used Protect, summoning a barrier of energy. It shattered upon impact but still did its job, keeping Luna and her friends safe. (Whew!)

Nicole chuckled. “You know me so well, Luna! Now let’s return the favor! Use Moonblast!” she instructed.

Borrowing energy from the moon, Luna gathered it in one big sphere of lunar power before launching it at the opponent. “Gar...devoir!!!”

The opposing Mega Sharpedo was struck head-on. It flew backwards out of the water before re entering with a huge splash. But one hit alone won’t be enough as it resurfaced, filled with anger. “Shar!!” it growled.

Captain John grinned. “Atta boy! Now drown them with Surf!”

A large tidal wave rose from the ocean, aimed directly at Nicole’s research vessel!

Nicole stared in horror as the wave came closer and closer. “EVERYONE HOLD ON!!” she yelled.

The wave swallowed the ship but miraculously, it remained afloat.

Nicole, now laying on the deck of the ship, coughed and sputtered out seawater that managed to invade her mouth at the moment of impact, her clothes and brown hair soaking wet.

Aqua quickly stood up and rushed to her friend’s aid. “Napor!” she cried the girl’s name in her native speak. “Por Vapor Vapor Poreon?!”

Nicole coughed out the last bit of water left in her. “Yeah...I’m fine, Aqua. Wait...where’s Mega Luna?!” she asked, looking around.

Aqua pointed a paw towards the water. “Peon!” she cried.

A plume of bubbles on the water’s surface lasted only seconds as Mega Luna broke the surface, sucking in a huge welcoming lungful of air. She coughed and sputtered as she treaded water. (Nicole!)

Nicole rushed to the side of her boat, fearing for her friend’s safety. “LUNA! Are you ok!?” she asked.

Aqua followed her trainer, feeling just as worried. “Vapor Vapor Poreon?!” she asked as well.

Captain John smiled. “Just what I’ve been waiting for! Mega Sharpedo! Crunch!”

The shark Pokemon charged at its opponent with a gaping mouth before biting down hard!

Nicole screamed. “Luna!”

The psychic/fairy-type was thrashed around by the oceanic predators large jaw before being flung farther out to sea.

Coming back up, Luna realized that fighting the shark while swimming would lead to her downfall. Using her psychic abilities, she rose out of the water, allowing herself to levitate just above the surface and giving the illusion of walking on water! “Voir!”

Nicole and Aqua were amazed at the sight. “Whoa!! Since when can Luna do THAT?!”

“Por Poreon!!” cried the Eeveelution.

Captain John was just as impressed. “Shiver me timbers! But we’re not gonna let some magic trick keep us from getting that treasure! Sharpedo, Hydro Pump!”

The Sharpedo opened its mouth, spraying out a pressurized blast of water at the opponent.

Nicole quickly snapped back to reality. “Dodge it, Luna!”

In the blink of an eye, Luna vanished from sight before reappearing closer to the boat, still supporting herself above the waves.

Nicole smiled. “Nice work! Now let’s try Thunder-”

Aqua shoved her, shaking her head desperately. “On! On, Napor!! Vapor Vaporeon!” she warned.

Nicole sweatdropped. “Oh right...water and electricity. Ok then...Use Magical Leaf!”

Luna nodded, summoning odd sharp leaves from seemingly nowhere before sending them at the opponent. “Gard Voir!”

The Sharpedo suffered a direct hit, now looking rather weak.

Captain John was boiling mad. “GRRRR!! I’ve had enough! Sharpedo! Aqua Jet!” he commanded.

The shark Pokemon rocketed forward at an incredible speed. It jumped out of the water before coming down on Luna, taking her under.

Nicole and Aqua watched in anticipation as the bubbles on the surface indicated the status of Luna’s air in her lungs.

Luna broke the surface again, gasping and coughing. She rose out of the water again, suspending herself just above the waves. Now she was looking weak. (...That Sharpedo is powerful…) she mentally said.

Captain John saw his opportunity to add to the damage. “Sharpedo! Crunch!”

The water/dark-type broke the surface just in front of Luna, jaws wide open. “SHAR!!”

Nicole gasped. “Protect!”

Luna tried to summon the barrier again but to her surprise, failed to do so! The opposing Sharpedo came down on her, biting hard into her flesh before dragging her down once again.

Nicole was horrified. “Luna!! No!”

Seconds later, Luna emerged, struggling to hold on. (...Nicole...I can’t...go on much...longer…) she mentally whimpered.

Nicole decided to take a chance with her turn. “Luna, use Wish!” she commanded.

Luna took a deep breath and closed her eyes as a shooting star appeared in the now darkening sky. The star seemed to blink as the psychic/fairy-type opened her eyes and smiled.

But Captain John was determined to finish off the opponent. “Sharpedo! Hurry and use Ice Beam!”

The water/dark-type opened its mouth and fired another beam of frozen energy, aimed at the Gardevoir.

Nicole wasn’t about to give up either. “Dodge!”

Right before the beam could make contact, Luna teleported out of harm's way. A beam of light from above shone down on the elegant Pokemon, enveloping her in a sparkling, shimmering, and glimmering aura of healing energy. Luna’s Wish had come true!

Nicole pumped a fist in the air. “That’s how it’s done! Now let it have it with Dazzling Gleam!”

Luna and her surroundings burst into a powerful and blinding flash of light. For a split second, the light became bright enough to give the appearance of daylight.

The Sharpedo stumbled backwards, wincing and flinching from the intense flash.

Nicole grinned. “Alright! Now let’s finish it off! Psychic!”

Luna focused her mind, mentally grabbing ahold of the shark Pokemon before tossing and throwing it about wildly, slamming its large body into the side of the oil tanker before finally dropping it back into the water.

The Sharpedo eventually resurfaced, eyes swirling.

Nicole and Aqua cheered as Luna teleported herself back onto the girl’s boat, mega evolution fading afterwards. “That was incredible, Luna!! Awesome job!” the young marine biologist congratulated.

Aqua smiled, jumping up and down excitedly. “Va Vapor Vapor!!” she cried.

Luna blushed, flattered by her friends’ praise. (But I never would’ve accomplished anything without your quick thinking, Nicole! You deserve the praise too!) she happily reminded.

Nicole giggled, rubbing the back of her head. “That is true!”

The trio’s celebration was interrupted by the loud blast of the oil tanker’s horn and the sound of a large anchor rising out of the sea.

Captain John and his men were making their leave after returning the fallen shark Pokemon. “You win today, girl! But if you so much as even cross the path of our prized ship, you’ll be sunk! Mark my words!” he yelled before turning back to his crew. “Onward men! Our treasure awaits us!” he ordered as the ship sped off.

Nicole and her two Pokemon watched the massive tanker go, worried about their intentions. “...If Mega Evolution got those pirates this far...who knows what they’ll do to any other marine biologists in the area...And far are they willing to go just for some treasure?”
Pokemon Beya: Nicole's Team (OC profile) by cooleevee759
Pokemon Beya: Nicole's Team (OC profile)
Nicole Porter

AGE: 19


WEIGHT: (Becomes agitated if asked this)

OCCUPATION: Student in the field of Marine Biology

BIRTHPLACE: Paloma City, Beya Region

LIKES/INTERESTS: Swimming, Diving, Exploring, Quality time with friends and family, Learning, Relaxing, Reading

DISLIKES/FEARS: Bug-Type Pokemon, Being Alone, Bullies, Dry Weather/Climates, Tension Between Friends

PERSONALITY: Nicole is a fun-loving and curious individual who dreams of exploring the worlds oceans and meeting tons of interesting Pokemon. She comes off as very confident although this sometimes gets her into some sticky situations but in the end, her smartness and clever thinking always gets her out of trouble. Nicole is deathly afraid of bug-type Pokemon due to a traumatizing childhood incident that nearly cost the girl her life. She also hates seeing her friends upset and alone and is always there to cheer them up to the best of her ability. 

Nicole wasn't always the most social person due to shyness and preference of study but thanks to her Eevee she received as a Christmas pet, the girl has long since opened up and met 2 friends in Paloma High School. 

The girl's relationship with her parents was like any other. Her Pokemon however, was much more. Ever since her adventure in the Beya Region, Nicole was always out and about, battling and training her teammates to be ready for anything. The girl treats them like part of the family and has even trusted them with her own life. 

BACKSTORY: Nicole had signed up for a field trip at her high school, Paloma High. It was an event that would change her life forever. Joined by her pet Eevee and best friend, Eve, she was excited and had been planning what they would do. Unfortunately, the normal-type was unqualified and couldn’t tag along but that didn’t stop her from stowing away in the girl’s luggage. Nicole was instead given a female Snivy as her starting Pokemon which was then given the name “Ivy.” At first, the two didn’t get along very well but like all Pokemon, Ivy had slowly gotten used to her trainer but still tends to lash out very easily.

As Nicole, Eve, and Ivy progressed, they were joined by Luna and Aria. Together with Eve and Ivy, The band of friends were settled and unstoppable.

While diving at Marina Coast, Nicole unearthed what she’d come to recognize as a Mega Bracelet. After one of her teachers found out, she offered to teach the girl in private about the subject of Mega Evolution as well as present her with a Gardevoirite stone due to Luna getting closer to her final stage of evolution. Hesitantly, the girl accepted.

But back at Paloma High School, a hidden enemy was also at work. The school was famous for its use of robotics and artificial intelligence to keep everything in check. Located in an underground facility, the brain of the school, AISaNMA had broken from her coding and achieved sentience, able to think freely. Long ago, she served as a tool to help scientists and professors better understand Pokemon but was slowly malfunctioning. Finally, the vengeful AI had broken free and managed to kill her own creator but was quickly shut down and ordered to be reprogrammed. Now rogue once again, AISaNMA would not make the same mistake that had led to her downfall, determined to enslave both humans and Pokemon and finally start the rise of her metallic empire. To do this, she enlisted the help of another student who had similar intentions of making a “world of perfection.”

As the field trip was nearing its end, Nicole did her best to strengthen her Pokemon. Eventually, she was able to evolve Aria, Luna, and finally, Aqua to their final stages but Ivy remained as a Servine, much weaker than her other teammates. But Nicole was happy with Ivy as she saw how much endurance the grass-type had, able to take multiple hits without tiring. And Ivy prefered to have limbs anyway.

Throughout her exciting adventures across the Beya Region, Nicole was joined by her two friends, Ashley and Trent. Along the way, they encountered a new friend by the name of Sandra who had no parents. She lived in the wild with a flock of Parruckus as her family. At first, the forest girl was hesitant but decided to put the past behind her and start anew with 6 of her closest flock members by her side.

Upon returning to Paloma, AISaNMA finally put her plan into action by confiscating all of the student's’ Pokemon and extracting their energy to create an artificial Pokemon known as Energel. With her newly constructed army of sentries and turrets, AISaNMA and her partner had taken control of the school. But soon they realized that not ALL students were powerless.

Nicole and her friends had managed to escape. Being the only one who knew of the rogue AI’s intentions, they banded together, determined to put a stop to the robot’s evil schemes. After navigating the guarded halls and reaching the underground facility, Nicole attempted to shut the machine down but was unsuccessful.

Enraged and bent on eliminating humanity’s only hope, AISaNMA captured the girls Pokemon and threw them into holding cells, forcing them to watch their trainer suffer from the effects of a neurotoxin gas. They were able to escape and save their friend from the toxic gas. Now reunited and determined to shut down everything, Nicole and her Pokemon faced off in a final battle against the rogue AI herself.

Before she could be destroyed, AISaNMA had accidentally damaged one of her Energel tanks, causing her creation to spill free and find its way into the robot’s body. With the combined technology, artificial intelligence, and energy extracted from the Pokemon, AISaNMA had become a Pokemon herself, composed of every known type. With AISaNMA disconnected from her mount and extensive damage to the facility, a massive explosion was imminent.

But before AISaNMA could claim victory, Nicole’s Pokemon combined their strongest attacks and were able to finally destroy the rogue AI and save all of humanity. Just before the facility could self-destruct, Luna teleported everyone to safety, just in time.

Ever since that adventure, the girl has had a much more positive outlook on life as with her Pokemon. After graduation, Nicole finally decided to set out and explore the oceans as a student in the field of marine biology. Now, as a young adult with her lifelong dream becoming a reality and her trusted Pokemon by her side, ready for any adventures they may find themselves in, Nicole’s life has never been so perfect.




Originally, she was a household pet, but ever since the field trip to explore the Beya Region, Aqua has become Nicole's most trusted Pokemon and she does her best to live up to the title, giving it her all in every battle. Being with the girl for the majority of her life, the two share a very powerful and unbreakable bond unlike any other. Through thick and thin, light and dark, they've faced whatever life has thrown at them head on. They consider each other as sisters and are almost always together. Deep down, Aqua fears that Nicole might abandon her if she messes up but the girl is always there to reassure her friend that no matter what happens, they will always be sisters.



Even though she's Nicole's second Pokemon, Luna is actually the strongest member of the team with Aqua coming in second. Being the Gardevoir that she is, Luna is protective of her trainer, even putting her own life on the line if needed to. At first, Luna was ALWAYS on high alert but eventually, she learned how to relax and have fun with her friends. She is capable of using telepathy to communicate with her trainer as well as other human allies. Thanks to her Gardevoirite necklace and the bond created with her trainer, Luna can summon the power to Mega Evolve into Mega Gardevoir or as Nicole tends to call her, Mega Luna



At first, Aria was a Sirini that Nicole wasn't really expecting to meet so early in her journey but nowadays, she's glad they met. Aria uses her entrancing voice in battle to charm her opponents into letting their guard down before letting them have it with her signature Siren's Shriek move. Outside of battle, the water/dark-type uses her voice to get what she wants by charming her own trainer though her spoiled attitude mostly ends up backfiring in some way. Despite this, she enjoys Nicole's and her friend's company, having an audience to sing for. She adores singing and harmonizing as well as keeping her physical appearance in check. 



Despite her intimidating and abnormally large size, Coral is a gentle giant. A timid and shy water-type, Coral prefers to avoid any fighting unless 
her trainer is in any danger. She's very loyal, staying right by Nicole's side while out at work, helping her in any way she can. She was the first Pokemon caught by Nicole as a marine biologist and was also the girl's first specimen. While she may be soft and frail on the outside, Coral has a heart of steel on the inside.



The polar opposite of the timid Coral, Radia is an outgoing, thrill-seeking, and wild spirited Lumineon. She loves the trill of danger and action, always ready to explore uncharted waters and deep submerged caverns. She also tends to act before thinking, putting herself in danger just to show off or prove a point. She often ignores orders from her trainer, preferring to do things her own way which more often than not ends up going horribly wrong. Aside from the negatives, Coral looks up to her as a role model, hoping to learn a thing or two from Radia.



Once a lost and weak Phione, Nicole found her and immediately took her in, unaware of her legendary status. Being the youngest of the bunch, 
Marine obviously isn't the strongest nor the brightest. Ever so curious about the world around her, the Phione enjoys seeing the sights, especially with her new friends. While her childish curiosity often gets her into some tight situations, Nicole and her Pokemon are always there to steer her in the right direction. Next to Aqua, she's the only one who can thrive both on land and in the water, eventually finding her a friendship with Luna who she looks up to as sort of a parental figure, much to the Gardevoir's happiness.








Pokemon Beya: AISaNMA's Team (OC Profile) by cooleevee759
Pokemon Beya: AISaNMA's Team (OC Profile)

AGE: 57


LIKES/INTERESTS: Science, Technology, Robotics, Human and Pokemon behavior

DISLIKES/FEARS: Water, Fire, Loneliness, Shut down

PERSONALITY: AISaNMA is a mystery, mostly preferring to keep quiet. But the emotions she shows fall into the ‘negative’ category. She shows little concern for other humans with her hatred for humanity still lingering. But there are times when she can show more positive emotions, mostly towards her Pokemon. She is still adjusting to human life, finding it hard to fit in but very slowly, she is learning. Her smartness excels in robotics and technology which comes in handy when she would need to repair any broken parts of her body.

BACKSTORY: After her defeat at the hands of Nicole and her Pokemon, AISaNMA’s memory was fortunate enough to withstand the test of time. Three years later, she was recovered from the site where her facility once stood. Someone attempted to awaken her and give her mobility by attaching her head to a barely functional turret but gave up and abandoned her.

Ironically, Nicole and her Pokemon were the ones who awakened her after finding the robot rusting inside a cavern in the Unova Region while exploring with a friend. Activated once again, AISaNMA was determined to get her revenge on the girl and her Pokemon. But after Nicole had rescued the AI from succumbing to water exposure, AISaNMA had become curious about human behavior. She decided it wasn’t worth the trouble anymore, setting out to find someone who could help her.

It was then that she realized her system had become corrupt. The longer she remained online, the more she came closer to being shut down permanently. Eventually, she found one of the remaining engineers that helped in her construction and programming. After much work and testing, AISaNMA had no other choice but to install herself into an android which the engineer had built to the machine’s likeness.

Now AISaNMA wanders, endlessly studying the natural world both of humans and Pokemon alike.




Caroline befriended AISaNMA after seeing her so lonely. At first, AISaNMA saw the yellow rodent as a nuisance but slowly began to form a bond with the creature. Although she doesn’t show it, the AI cares deeply for the Pichu, even decorating it with a red bow. Caroline rarely goes into battle mostly because her trainer knows of her inability to control electricity, so instead, AISaNMA keeps her around as an assistant/source of energy if she starts running low. At first, Caroline was scared when she learned that her trainer was really an android but the friendship the two have developed quickly fixed that.



One of the newly discovered Pokemon of the Beya region, Springlock is a major subject of curiosity for AISaNMA. One of the most notable things she realized was that Springlock’s appearance was MUCH more broken and withered than the other known Animareic. The Animatronic Pokemon is the powerhouse of the team, both physically and mentally. His nightmarish appearance makes foes uneasy and more susceptible to surprise attacks which is also an Animareic’s specialty. Try as he might, the mechanical Pokemon just can’t seem to even make his trainer flinch but that doesn’t stop him from trying…



AISaNMA was getting tired of having to heal Caroline after every recharge so the solution was Spheros. At first it was a pain due to the constant reactions with AISaNMA’s robotic parts but eventually the spherical trio learned to control their power. Spheros’ magnetic powers also come in handy when it comes to helping its trainer fix any broken or glitchy parts she may have. There isn’t a time when the metallic Pokemon feels like a tool to its trainer but AISaNMA has tried to spend more time with it and show friendliness.



Rotor is often playing the peacemaker when tension arises in the team. It is also the one cheering up AISaNMA during her darkest times. The robotic trainer appreciates this of course and is rather impressed by its support despite being the newest member of the team. Rotor is constantly thinking about battling, wanting to become a Klinklang soon but AISaNMA is always telling it to be patient. Evolution will come soon enough.

It's been a while since I've done a journal but I'm back. This time I present my thoughts on the recently spotted Equestria Girls "Minis" Series and the upcoming installment to the movies: Legend of the Everfree!


I'll admit...I kinda like the toys themselves. They're small, cute, and they don't have hair. Honestly, I'd start a collection of the Humane 7 once I track some down. 

As for the mini series to promote these things...Is it really a SERIES? Sorry for those who DON'T want spoilers but each video is 16-19 SECONDS long. I would've made it...atleast like a minute. But who am I to complain? Atleast there's other media out there other than the movies.

EQG: Legend of the Everfree:

Well...there goes my idea to dive into the "Where's HUMAN Sunset Shimmer?" concept. Instead, we're supposedly gonna pack our sleeping bags, marshmallows, bug spray, and prepackage ourselves for the serial killer! That's right! We're going CAMPING!! And our new friend  "Sci-Twi" is coming along for the ride! But as far as we can guess at this point and judging by the title, The Everfree Forest is in play. 

I guess it's time for me to deliver my predictions/theories/thoughts as to what we might be dealing with. First off, The Everfree Forest only exists in Equestria unless there's an actual location in the human world that shares the same name. But what's so special about it? Since this isn't Equestria, of course we have the laws of physics and nature. Plants would grow on their own, animals fend for themselves, and weather is a's the opposite in the human world...???

Second, IF the Everfree Forest is exclusive to Equestria then maybe the statue at CHS isn't the only gateway to Equestria. But if that was the case, then the human world would be dominated by the forest unless it's a gateway that's been sealed. And once our Humane 7 come into play, perhaps they accidentally UNSEAL the gateway and that's how the adventure begins. OR It's sealed by time. And when the movie happens, the seal expires, causing the forest to enter the human world, so now it's up to Sunset Shimmer and the girls to reseal the portal.

Or perhaps...Twilight's Spectrometer thing from The Friendship Games comes back...

AKA: We don't have enough details to make assumptions just yet but we're getting there!

So until we get some more info and I update you guys with some more progress on MY works, See you in the next entry!
  • Listening to: Christmas to Remember
  • Reading: The Journal of the Two Sisters
  • Watching: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls 1, 2, and 3
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Team Fortress 2, Gmod
  • Eating: Pizza Hut
  • Drinking: Fruit Punch

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