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Meanwhile in a far off dimension known as Mobius, well-renowned hero, Sonic the Hedgehog was on a casual sprint through the twists and turns of Green Hill Zone. He always loved the open air, accelerating through the loops, cliffs, waterfalls, and caverns.

He had just ran a loop and was about to try and boost over a chasm until a familiar voice broke his concentration and sent him tumbling over the edge! “WHOA!!!” he exclaimed.

“Gotcha!” Tails the Fox said as he grabbed a hold of Sonic’s gloved hand while hovering in the air via spinning his two tails like helicopter blades. After getting a firm grip, the fox flew back up and set the blue hedgehog down with ease before landing on his feet.

Sonic caught his breath before staring at Tails with a slightly ticked off expression. “Gee. Thanks buddy. You nearly saved me from making it to the other side.” he said sarcastically.

Tails noticed this and sweatdropped. “Heheh. Sorry about that. Guess I should’ve waited until you made the jump. Anyways, I was looking at my handheld and noticed that the signal from the Chaos Emeralds went all haywire for a second before it just vanished. Do you think Eggman might have something to do with it?” he asked.

Sonic took a few seconds to process the information. “If it is, I wonder what kind of crazy hedgehog-destroying robot he’ll come at me with next.” he joked.

Tails chuckled with a nod before pulling out his handheld device and bringing up several detailed charts and signals. “Wow! Lucky for us, one of the emeralds’ signals was last picked up nearby!” he said.

Sonic nodded. “Alright! Let’s go investigate!” he confidently exclaimed before starting to run off until being thrown back by a powerful force and a bright flash of light. “AGH!”

“Sonic!” Tails exclaimed before turning back to what now appeared to be a rip in space and time which was slowly growing larger and sucking in everything around it!

Sonic shook his head before following his friends’ gaze. “What is that thing?!”

Tails began to step backwards as the rip continued to grow. “I don’t know but the handheld’s going all bonkers!” he glanced at the screen of his device which static’d like crazy before suddenly shutting off.

Sonic quickly stood back up as he began to feel the rip pulling him in! “RUN!” he yelled before going into full sprint mode.

The two ran for dear life but the rip’s pull was too strong. Eventually, Sonic and Tails were sucked in right before the rip collapsed into oblivion.

As Sonic regained consciousness, he opened his eyes to see that the world around him looked a little different. Everything was more colorful and bright than what he was used to. In fact, it somehow resembled a certain kids show! “Ugh...w…w-where am I?” he wondered to himself. Looking around once again, the blue hedgehog noticed what appeared to be a town in the distance. “Time to find some answers!” he said before running off towards Ponyville.

(Ponyville: Tutorial, Act 1)

Sonic and Tails walked along the outskirts of Ponyville, curiously looking around before noticing a sign. “Welcome to Ponyville.” Sonic read aloud.

Tails pulled out his handheld to check for a map but only static was shown. “I’m not getting any signal. Maybe that distortion we saw must’ve been some kind of dimensional wormhole that brought us here.” pondered the two-tailed fox.

Sonic looked around again to see some nearby ponies either staring at them with caution and/or curiosity or running back to the safety of their homes. “You might be right about that.” he said.

Tails nodded. “Obviously, we’re not getting anywhere by ourselves. Let’s try and find someone who can help us.

(Ponyville: HUB, Act 2, Act 3)

Sonic ran through the streets in search of anyone willing to talk to. It wasn’t until he reached the outskirts of town that he realized he was being intercepted by a certain rainbow-maned Pegasus. “Hey you! Blue freak with the spikes! Why don’t you stop running and start talking? What are you?” she questioned.

Sonic frowned. “Geez! Attitude much?? I’m Sonic the Hedgehog and why don’t YOU just buzz off! I’m kinda busy looking for answers!” he yelled, a bit ticked off.

Rainbow Dash glared. “Excuse me?! I don’t care who or what you are and why you’re here. You’re not welcome here!” she yelled back.

Sonic glared back. “You may be fast and all but you can’t tell me what to do! You want me to leave? You’ll have to catch me first, Rain-slow hair!” he taunted before blasting off at full speed.

Rainbow Dash turned completely red before giving chase, performing her signature Sonic Rainboom in the process. “I’ll make you eat those words, spikes-for-brains!!”

(Ponyville: VS Rainbow Dash/Sonic)
Heres pt. 2
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sonicdash9 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
I think I've read this story before
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"Gentlemen" is a phrase commonly used by The Spy in the game Team Fortress 2. The Spy can disguise as enemy players, and players can use a "X is SPY" voice-command when they think a player is really a disguised Spy. When Raindow Dash said "Are you a SPY?" it simply reminded me of The Spy. and I posted a comment with his most famous line, "Gentlemen".
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It's okay, but if I may point a few things out...
I don't mean to be a critic, but it seems rushed. The grammar isn't right in some places, things are moving too fast, and at some points I can't understand who's talking, either because of the abrupt beginning or the out-of-character speech.
Just a few things I hope you don't mind me pointing out. I had the same issue with my fan fiction until my sister critiqued it. Please don't be offended, I'm just trying to help.
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