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Nighttime had fallen and the Moon was only a few hours away from reaching the highest point in the sky. As the Limo came to a halt, Twilight and the gang stepped out, eager to make this the best night ever.

Sonic and Tails walked towards the entrance before briefly being interrupted by Flash Sentry pulling up in his black Mustang. “’s been pretty fun in this world but pretty soon, I’ll have to make my leave back home. So whats say we make this night last!” Sonic said.

Tails nodded. “Right! Let’s party!” he exclaimed.

As the two made their way towards the gym, Sunset Shimmer was hidden behind a locker. She whipped out her cell phone and dialed the number one last time.

“Let him have it, Shadow.”

Sonic was about to enter the gym before noticing a dark figure in the hallway. “I’ll catch up with you in a bit Tails. I’ll be right back.” he said before approaching.

The newcomer looked at Sonic with a menacing expression. “Hmph. Sunset Shimmer told me about you, Sonic the Hedgehog. So you’ve been the one ruining her every attempt to get ahold of the crown. I must say I’m rather impressed.” he said.

Sonic frowned. “So you’re another one of Sunset Shimmer’s helpers? That crown really belongs to Twilight Sparkle! Not that sorry excuse of a friend you have!”

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shadow but most just call me ‘The ultimate.’ And you’re so called ‘Princess’ is about to be taken care of. And I’m about to take care of you! Unless you’d rather join us. You see, Sunset Shimmer promises a better world where she makes the rules. We can do whatever we want and no one can stop us!”

Sonic glared. “The day I join Sunset Shimmer is the day I give up running for good! And I could use a little action! After all, I’m just a guy who loves adventure! I’m Sonic the Hedgehog!”

Shadow grinned. “I see. But I can’t let you win. Your adventuring days are coming to an end!”

(VS Shadow)

Sonic charged at Shadow full speed in an attempt to tackle him to the ground but Shadow had a secret weapon.

From his pocket he pulled out a Chaos Emerald. “Chaos Control!” he exclaimed before teleporting behind Sonic and roundhouse kicking him.

Sonic stared at Shadow in surprise. “A Chaos Emerald?! But how?!”

Shadow chuckled. “Sunset Shimmer has her ways. Now I’ll show you true power of Chaos Control!”

Sonic got back up and started running in the opposite direction but Shadow gave chase with his hover shoes. Once Shadow was right next to him, Sonic rammed directly into him and slammed him into a locker. Shadow quickly recovered and teleported right behind Sonic before tackling him to the ground. Sonic managed to kick him off and quickly get back up on his feet bus Shadow was right behind him!

“Oh man! What I would give to be my old speedy self again!” Sonic exclaimed.

Shadow smirked. “Sucks not having your powers, does it Sonic? Now prepare yourself!” he said before charging up energy from the emerald. “Chaos…”

Sonic quickly turned a corner and continued to run.


A large explosion had demolished everything around Shadow as he continued to give chase.

Sonic screeched to a halt before throwing a punch at Shadow, hitting him in the face and causing him to drop the emerald in his hand. Both rivals fought for it until Shadow unleashed a Chaos Spear on Sonic, sending him rocketing back into a locker.

“Ow...That hurt…” Sonic groaned in pain as he lay there helplessly, too weak to stand up.

Shadow chuckled as he slowly walked over to the blue blur. “Now where were we?” he pulled out the emerald and began drawing its power. “Your adventuring days end here! Chaos….”

Sonic stared in horror and disbelief.

“BLAST!!!” the large explosion of energy swallowed Sonic and everything else around.

Shadow smirked. “Hmph. Well Sunset Shimmer, that leaves you one less problem to worry about. Equestria will be- What?” as the smoke cleared, there lay Sonic, unharmed and now radiating with energy. The emerald in Shadow’s hand started to react.

Sonic opened his eyes and smiled. “Did you think I’d actually give up so easily? Over my dead body!” he exclaimed before being engulfed by a bright light.

Sonic’s body began to undergo a transformation. His arms and legs became more skinny as his body shrunk down. All but his new shoes disappeared and new white gloves appeared on his hands. His head also shrunk down slightly as his face took on a more hedgehog-like appearance. Small ears replaced his human ones and his hair grew longer and separated into 6 sharp quills. His green eyes shrunk down back to normal and his human nose changed back into a black pointed one. His blue color returned all over his body except for his belly, arms, snout, and ears.

The glow that overtook Sonic had faded and revealed his human body was now replaced with his original Hedgehog self. The blue blur looked himself over and beamed. “Alright! I’m back! With vengeance!” he said, looking back to a surprised Shadow. He then charged up a Spindash and fired away at the opponent, sending him high into the air. Sonic then double jumped and unleashed a homing attack before finishing it off with a kick to the head.

Shadow hit the floor with a thud as Sonic landed perfectly on his feet. “Heheh! Good to be back!” he said before looking down at the injured person. Sonic helped him back up.

“Urgh...what happened…? S-Sonic..?”

Said hedgehog raised an eyebrow. “Care to explain what Sunset Shimmer’s up to? Or should I know some more sense into that head of yours?”

Shadow shook his head. “Sonic...I never intended to do anything...Somehow, I guess that monster must’ve tricked me…You have to get that crown away from her Sonic. She plans to use it in ways one would never imagine.” he explained.

Sonic frowned. “Don’t tell me she’s planning on...Where is she now?”

“She said something about using the portal to prepare an attack.”

Without one second to spare, Sonic grabbed the Chaos Emerald on the ground and headed to the roof of the school.

Time for the big finale.
ONE MORE CHAPTER LEFT AND I'M FINALLY DONE! Actually 2 more but I did the actual ending ahead of time. ANYWAYS, here's chapter 10! Enjoy.
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super sonic finale
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