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As Sonic and Tails entered the school library, Sunset Shimmer was right behind them. She then remembered about one key fact Sonic had told her. “He’s with Twilight!” she pondered for a moment before whistling.

Within seconds, her dim-witted minions rushed over. “Snips and Snails reporting for duty, Sunset Shimmer!” they said.

Sunset grinned mischievously. “Get in there and have your phones on hand. Whenever you see her doing anything worth laughing at, record it!” she ordered.

The two saluted her. “As you wish!” they replied before doing as told.

Meanwhile, Twilight was wandering around the huge room, browsing the shelves before she turned around to notice Sonic and someone new. “Sonic! Back already! Uh...who’s this?” she asked, pointing at Tails who introduced himself with a smile.

“I’m Miles Prower, expert mechanic and A+ Student. So you must be the new Sparkle was it?” he asked.

She nodded. “Yeah. That’s me...” she paused for a bit. “You kinda remind me of someone i know.”

Sonic grinned. “That’s what I said. So, how’s your research coming along? Find anything interesting?” he asked.

Twilight shook her head. “Well...I haven’t started yet...I got kinda distracted by all these books.” she blushed.

Sonic chuckled. “ haven’t changed one bit...” he joked. “Well...nothing on my end either but i’m sure we’ll find SOMETHING useful eventually.”

Twilight nodded. “Well I guess I’d better get started on research then. I’ll be over there if you need me.” She says before heading over to a circle of computers.

Sonic watched her go while Tails was busy doing a bit of his own research. Sonic noticed this and followed. “What up?” he asked, watching the young student pull off books from different shelves and carry them in a stack. “Do you remember what Sunset Shimmer said about me reading that book?” he asked.

Sonic tried to think back to what had happened. “Erm...something about a magical statue at the front of the school?” he asked, unsure if that was the right answer.

Tails nodded. “Right! I’ve heard stories about it. People say it’s actually a portal to another dimension! Actually, I’ve even heard it’s more than one portal!” he explained as he set down his stack of books on a table nearby before returning for some more.

Sonic raised an eyebrow, now eager to hear more. “More than one portal? How does that work?” he asked.

Tails returned to his book tower and pulled off the book from the top. He then opens it and flips through the pages before stopping. He then shows it to Sonic. “It says here that there are 4 portals on each side of the statue. Each leading to a different dimension. No one is actually sure where each of these portals lead to. But the whole rumour began spreading when these weird objects would be found nearby. There was even one case where someone claimed to actually see someone else step out of the portal. And that story actually came up just a year ago.”

Sonic closed the book before setting it on the desk. “Wow...that’s quite the myth. I see you clearly know more about this stuff than anybody else.”

Tails nodded. “Though...I find it kinda weird. Sunset Shimmer doesn’t want me to read about this stuff. She won’t even let me go near the statue! I sometimes get the feeling...she knows something that I don’t.”

Sonic frowned. “That’s pretty weird.” he then heard a growl in his stomach. “Hey Tails, I’ll be right back. I’m gonna go get something out of the vending machine.”

Tails nodded. “Bring me something too please.” he said before getting back to his tower of books.

The hallways were crowded with students getting to class or socializing which often got out of hand ending up with a huge wall of people blocking off parts of the school. Sonic was frustrated he couldn’t just jump over the crowd or quick-step out of the way or even plow his way through with boosting. After finally surviving the sea of students, he found a not-so-crowded hall with a vending machine nearby. “Finally! Now i can eat something! I’m starving!” he made his way over, pulled out some money, bought bag of chips for himself and some peanut butter crackers for Tails. He was making his way back to the library before bumping into one of the school janitors.

“Oof! Sorry about that.” He said before looking up and going wide eyed. “EGGMAN!?”

The long nose-haired, bald, egg-shaped janitor glared. “What did you just call me?! How many times do i have to tell you good for nothing delinquents, my name is Ovi Kintobor!” He barked angrily.

Sonic smiled. “Whatever you say, Egghead. What are you doing as a janitor??”
Janitor Eggman sighed. “I wouldn’t be a janitor if i had gotten my teaching degree. But one day i WILL show Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna what i’m really capable of and i WILL get my teaching degree and i WILL be successful!” He declared.

Sonic burst out laughing. “You a teacher?? Please!”

Janitor Eggman frowned. “Don’t believe me eh? I’ll prove it then!” He walks over to a nearby closet and opens both doors before entering. After a few seconds he is driving a zamboni-like machine complete with headlights, cleaning supply holder, water sprayer, and  cupholders.

Sonic goes wide-eyed. “Wow...quite a pimped out ride you got there. And i’m guessing you built it yourself?” he asked.

The janitor with black glasses nodded. “Exactly! I put my blood sweat and tears into this thing!” he stated.

Sonic nodded. “Well...good luck with that. Anyways, i’ve got things to do and people to meet. I’ll catch you later Egghead!” and with that, Sonic was off to the library.
part 4
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Quite similar to TheAwesomeCoolJay 
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Eggman went from being an evil genius to a school janitor wow😒
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I wonder if part five (Pt.5) is coming, I did read it on another website, but I don't know the name of the chapter yet (I really don't know), I think it will come out sometime around or something, then I will know the name of it then, can't wait for it. :| :)
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I didnt think there was a way out finding this was the greatest thing thats ever happened this put me in the lap of luxury this could be your big break
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I was expected to be discord the janitor
but im okay with eggman
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