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As Sonic entered the school’s library, the first thing he noticed was Twilight and Spike standing in front of a copying machine. Twilight appeared to be curiously inspecting it, having no idea what such an everyday piece of technology can do. Meanwhile, Snips and Snails were hidden behind a stack of books, ready to snap a picture with their cellphones.

Twilight leaned in more to get a closer look at the gizmos and doodads inside the copier but just as she was able to get a good look at the interior, her hand slipped and accidentally pressed the green ‘START’ button. Twilight was instantly blinded by an extremely bright light coming from the inside of the copier. The sudden light caused Twilight to panic and jump backwards right onto her stack of books she had set down earlier. Snips and Snails secretly and quickly captured a picture of Twilight on their phones. They high-fived, deciding they had captured enough material for Sunset Shimmer to work with before they headed back to the exit of the library.

Sonic has witnessed Twilight’s little mishap and couldn’t help but laugh before he walked over and helped her up.

“Careful Twilight or else the evil copying machine will light you up!” He joked.

Twilight blushed with embarrassment and gave him an annoyed look. “I’m just trying to learn more about this world. I have to know as much as I can if I want to fit in here and be the Princess of Fall Formal!” she explained while dusting herself off and picking up her books.

Sonic blinked. “Wait...let’s back up a bit….Princess of Fall Formal?? What does that have to do with getting your crown back?” he asked.

Spike hopped up onto the table and turned to Sonic. “Apparently, Twilight’s crown was found by Fluttershy who gave it to Principal Celestia who then gave it to Vice-Principal Luna who...I guess...had Twilight’s crown become the crown who shall be worn by the Princess of the Fall Formal dance which is the day after tomorrow. So now, if we want to get back into our world, we have to get EVERYONE in the school to vote for Twilight instead of Sunset Shimmer.” he explained.

Sonic put a finger to his nose as he began to process the problem at hand. He whistled, realizing how dire this all was. “I hate to say this but…this is gonna be tougher than i thought…”

Twilight frowned. “But we can’t give up now Sonic. Equestria’s fate rests in our! We have to get that crown back no matter what the risks are!”

Sonic nodded, understanding Twilight’s motivation. “Right. By the way, have you seen Tails anywhere?” he asked, looking around for his young companion.

Twilight pondered for a moment before remembering. “He told me to tell you to meet him at the front of the school. You can go on ahead. Spike and I will be up here studying.” she informed with a smile.

Sonic gave a thumbs up and smile back before he ran out of the library and made his way to the front of the school having no idea Sunset Shimmer was watching him from a window on the second floor.

“Hmph. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I just know that if I don’t do something, that blue haired show-off will end up slowing down progress for me.” She thought for a moment before smiling, snapping her finger. “Luckily, I’ve got a top secret weapon up my sleeve!” She pulled out her cellphone and began pressing keys before raising it to her ear. “Hey…No, not now. Just wait until I give the signal. And when I do, I want you to do whatever you need to to make sure he’ll regret messing with me…Alright then. I’ll send you a picture in a bit. Just be ready to take him down when I say so.” she grinned evilly closing her phone with a chuckle. “Make the best of your stay Sonic, Enjoy it…while you can.”

The blue-haired teen made his way to the front of the school just in front of the entrance to find Tails and an unfamiliar face. He had red dreadlocks and was slightly taller and more muscular than Sonic. He wore a white sleeveless shirt, red workout pants and a pair of white boxing gloves. Sonic took one look at him and let out a slight sigh.

Tails waved while the new student just stood there with his back against the door, arms crossed. “Hey Sonic! I’d like you to meet Dan Green but most students here just call him ‘Knuckles’.”

The red headed newcomer looked up at Sonic with a slight grin. “So, you’re the new guy who gave Sunset Shimmer a what-for eh? I’ll admit i’m rather impressed, Sonic.”

Sonic chuckled. “Well what else could I do? I’m not one to just sit around and watch someone bully others. So Tails, you wanted to see me?” he asked, turning back to his friend.

Tails nodded. “Well I overheard Twilight wanting to become Princess of Fall Formal and that isn’t gonna be an easy job. So I thought we could get Knuckles to help us and get everyone to vote for Twilight.”

Knuckles nodded. “In order for someone to become Princess, everyone in the school would have to vote for that one person. And right now, Sunset Shimmer’s at the top of her game. If we want Twilight to win, we’ll have to get to it now since Fall Formal is only 2 days away!”

Sonic nodded, understanding the current situation. “Well…” he suddenly hears his belly growling. “I can’t think on an empty stomach. Is there some place besides the vending machines that sells food?”

Knuckles nodded. “There’s a nice little bakery called Sugarcube Corner just down the street.”

Tails sighed. “Well I guess we can take a break before we actually get started. Let’s go!” He said just as the bell for passing period rang. The 3 students began their journey to the sweet shop as did other students, mostly seniors due to their usual early release. Except for Twilight and Spike who remained in the Library and would end up sleeping on a bed made from stacks of books.
Time to take a break and try my hand at comedy! AKA The Mask!
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