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Sonic quickly jumped from the bleachers and landed in between the two girls. “Hold it right there Rainbow! If you wanna face Twilight, you’ll have to challenge me first!” he announced.

Rainbow Dash was surprised at the sudden challenge. “And who might you be?” she asked

Sonic grinned. “I go by many names. The Blue Blur, Speedy, The fastest The fastest student. But you can call me Sonic.”

Twilight blinked. “Sonic! What are you doing? This is MY problem! Not yours!”

The blue haired student turned back. “Don’t worry about it! If I win, I’ll be saving you from a ton of injuries. Plus I kinda wanna see how THIS Rainbow Dash matches up to me!” he assured before turning back to said girl. “1-on-1. First to 5 goals wins. If I win, Twilight doesn’t have to go against you and you have to help us overthrow Sunset Shimmer.”

Rainbow Dash grinned. “You’re on, blue boy!” she exclaimed before running to the field with the soccer ball. Sonic followed.

(Because the author is too lazy to write what happens next, use your imagination and make up what happens. Also he is too lazy to write the match between Twilight and Rainbow the movie and see the outcome.)

As Rainbow Dash jumped up and down in celebration, Twilight lay on the grass panting heavily, completely out of breath.

Rainbow made her way over to the tired student with a smug smile. “That’s game!” she said before noticing Twilight’s condition. Maybe she had beaten her a little too much…

The rest of the girls walked over and surrounded their friend with looks of disappointment, defeat, and sadness.

Rarity forced a smile, trying to lighten the mood. “I...really thought you were gonna...pull it off there in the end!” she said followed by an awkward chuckle. Clearly she wasn’t helping.

“So what’s the plan? How can I help you be princess instead of Sunset Shimmer?” she asked, lowering herself before offering to help up her fallen friend.

Twilight was still panting as she stood up, a look of confusion on her face. “But...I...lost!” she tiredly said.

Rainbow grinned. “Of course you lost! I’m awesome! But I’m not gonna help just anyone try and beat Sunset Shimmer. The Fall Formal Princess should be someone with heart AND determination! You’ve proved that you got em both!” she explained, shoulder bumping Twilight before pulling her into a hug. The rest of the girls cheered.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy smiled before applauding, both groups unaware they were being watched by a certain somebody…

Later that day at Sugarcube Corner, both groups had sat down to come up with ideas on how to get Twilight the title of Fall Formal Princess, but first, a quick drink wouldn’t hurt.

“And could I get mine with extra oats?” Twilight asked, standing at the counter as she ordered her beverage.

The woman preparing the drink stared in confusion, never having heard a customer wanting such an item on their shake. “Oats?”

Twilight suddenly realized that the food was quite different in this world as well. “Uh...scratch that! However you normally make it is fine.” she corrected, slightly blushing.

The woman rolled her eyes before setting the milkshake down on the counter and walking away.

Twilight grabbed the mug, anxious to drink. She turned around and was about to head back to her friends before she bumped into someone, causing her drink to spill all over the guy’s shirt and the mug falling to the floor. The girl stared in horror at the mess she just made before looking up at a familiar face.

Flash Sentry just wiped off the milkshake from his shirt, not minding a simple accident. “Whoa. We’ve got to stop bumping into each other like this.” he said before reaching down to pick up the mug only to meet Twilight’s hand.

The two stared awkwardly at each other before Twilight recoiled back, a bright red blush on her cheeks. “You know me! Always trying to make a big splash around here...cause my drink kinda splashed...on the ground! heheh!” she chuckled nervously, clutching the sides of her hair.

Flash Sentry smiled, obviously noticing the extreme discomfort in Twilight.

“I’m gonna go over there now!” Twilight said before backing away only to hit the counter behind her. She quickly changed directions and rushed back to her friends.

Sonic noticed this and gagged. “Wow...I really need to get back home. I don’t know how much more of this teenage drama I can take.” he said to himself before taking a bite out of a chili dog in his hand.

Suddenly it was time to get serious as Applejack stood up and began addressing the problem at hand. “Alright girls...and guys. Dance is tomorrow night and we still don’t know how we’re gonna get Twilight the votes she needs to be named princess. Right now, folks only know the Twilight from the video Sunset Shimmer posted online. We need to help them see her differently!” she explained.

Everyone began to think, trying to come up with possible solutions to get Twilight recognized as a good person when suddenly…

“I’VE GOT IT!!!” screamed Rarity.

Everyone in the whole room jumped and turned to her in surprise and confusion.

The purple haired teenager realized all the attention she had drawn and blushed in embarrassment as her eyes darted from left to right before clearing her throat.

Everyone just shrugged it off and continued their business, allowing Rarity to continue.

“I mean um...Perhaps, I have a solution. Now this may be an absolutely preposterous idea BUT what if we all wore THESE as a sign of unity!” she suggested, walking over to her bag and pulling out blue and yellow fake pony ears and tail.

Everyone stared at the cheap uniforms in confusion.

Rarity continued. “Freshman year they were very very popular. A way for everybody to show their school spirit! You know; Go Canterlot Wondercolts!” she explained before cheerfully jumping up and down then her expression dropping back down to meh. “I haven’t sold any in ages.” she then proceeded to hand out the uniforms to the group. “I mean the five of us are obviously very I mean nine of us. But deep down we’re all Canterlot Wondercolts! Sunset Shimmer is the one who divided us. Twilight Sparkle is the one who united us! And we’re gonna let everyone know it! What do you think?” she asked.

The 10 friends agreed...except for Spike who was too into Rarity’s beauty to do anything.

Twilight smiled and hugged Rarity.

Later in the cafeteria, everyone was having lunch. The perfect chance to put Rarity’s plan into action. The girls proceeded to put on the ears, tail, and matching long-sleeve shirt before commencing broadway dance number mode!

(Insert “Helping Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown” here)

Soon enough, the cafeteria was transformed into a dance hall filled with excited and dancing students. Twilight’s name had been cleared and was now getting closer to her main goal: Retrieve the crown. Unless Sunset Shimmer had some more tricks up her sleeve.

“TAKE THOSE OFF! I have something I need you to do.”
Only 2-3 more chapters left of Sonic High! One story off my back means I can get more chapters on the other remaining stories done! YAY!!! Anyways, here's chapter 8 of Sonic High
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